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October 15, 2011

Vaccine Dangers online Class

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Why are vaccines dangerous? In this class you will learn everything about vaccines that make them dangerous:
Vaccine Dangers Part 1 Class

You will end up knowing more than 99.99999% of doctors on this planet

By taking this online class, you will:
1. Learn all of the aspects of vaccines and why they are dangerous
2. Be able tell others with a stronger knowledge base about vaccines
3. Have a ready resource of information in your files on your computer &/or printed out in a binder/folder
4. Be able to ask questions of me
5. Be able (in part 2) to know about the risks of each vaccine used

I. Overview of the vaccine issue

* A. Making An Informed Choice
* B. Conflict of Interest
* C. Options for Parents/Timing & Disease Incidence/Severity
* D. Adverse Vaccine Reactions (short term) – immediate or within a short period of time
o 1. Crying, irritability, sleeping, ear infections, eczema, deafness, encephalitis
o 2. Shaken Baby Syndrome
o 3. SIDS/death
* E. Adverse Vaccine Reactions (long term)
o 1. Autism/ASD/PDD/Aspergers/ADHD/ADD
o 2. Vaccines & Neurological Complications – above, seizures, MS, Guillain Barre, more
o 3. Immunological Reactions
* F. The Immune System – including information on antibodies
* G. Fever
* H. Ingredients used during production & in vaccines – viruses, fetal tissue, mycoplasma, DNA/RNA, BSE, Genetic engineering, others
o 1. Mercury/Thimerosal
o 2. Adjuvants – Aluminum & Squalene
* I. Vaccine long term studies (lack of); Post Marketing Surveillance; VAERS
* J. Alternative Medicine – homeopathy, other
* K. Alternative Vaccine methods
* L. Building a Strong Immune System – Breastfeeding, DEET, MSG, pesticides, fluoride, unvaccinated, amalgam (mercury) fillings, food processing, fluroide, vitamin C
* M. Legal Requirements
* N. Pets & Vaccination & food
Selecting a Commercial Pet Food
* O. Vaccines and Diseases (graphs & stats)

Vaccine Dangers Part 1 Class

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